Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our amazing home

We love our beautiful home... !

So far, we have redone the kitchen floor, replaced the tub & shower, installed A/C... Prepared a 5'x15' vegetable garden... Painted the main areas, foyer, dining room, and office...  Much more to go..
This place is going to go up $100,000 in value just on improvements we are doing ourselves..! And, it's going to look like a MILLION dollar home. Inside and out. We can't wait.

The backyard is HUGE! Doing improvements here too. Going to get some hardscaping... A little fire pit area, and a custom built outdoor stove/pizza oven..!
There will also be, of course, a little swingset / play house / sandbox for BooBoo...!

The garden is all dug up / tilled / fertilized and nearly ready to go..!
I've worked in a few bags of organic chicken fertilizer, and I also have earthworm casings I'll be working in as I add the individual plants.

Which are all going great..! I put a ladder in front of my big window in my sunroom.. A few pieces of extra lumber laid across, and BOOM! I have a mini greenhouse area now. :)

So far, I have started from seed: heirloom cherry tomatoes, heirloom rainbow colored carrots (purple! yay!), watermelon radishes, an heirloom variety of beets, some arugula, basil, tarragon, purple thyme, cilantro, italian parsley, and chives. The plants LOVE this sunny window..!

My little terrarium with the succulents loves it too! 
Isn't it cute..?

Anyways.. So there is all the good stuff happening around here..!

Here's me, taking an incredible bubble bath, in my new amazing bathtub, glass of wine & candlelight... 

I call this one, "Zero Fucks Given".....

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