Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best summer ever..!

And, it's not even summer yet..! The weather has finally been WARMER than usual and we have been loving every minute..! We have a bunch of fun outdoor toys, as well as the kiddie pool and the sprinkler. We slather on lots of sunscreen, and play all morning.. Sometimes we'll have our breakfast out on our umbrella table and listen to the birds. :)

Of course, Vivian prefers just the plain old hose most of the time..! She goes around and "helps" mommy water all the gardens...

OMG can you. just. even. with the cuteness...?!?!?! Oh yeah..! and, we got our first haircut..!
She had bangs all down in her eyes so it was time.. And, she loves it..!

Such a big girl :) And so so smart..! She knows all her colors, can count to ten, speaks in full sentences, says please, thank you, and sorry, plays nice with other kids, always goes down for nap & bedtime with no trouble, eats every fruit or vegetable I put in front of her, let's see, what else.. Oh gosh I could just go on & on..! LOL :) 

So sweet this little sunshine of mine.. In a few months we'll be having her 2nd birthday party here at the house and I can't wait..! Big surprises in store for her, she is going to be so excited.. :) 

Anyways. Speaking of the garden... I'm having an issue with PEST CONTROL... Anyone got any tips..? 

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