Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day...!

My beautiful mom..

Her red hair was SO pretty that the Clairol company paid her for samples so they could create hair dye of her own hair color..! I don't think they ever truly were able to make a red that was as pretty and natural as hers.. But it's a fun family story and we always love to laugh about it...

It's incredible being a mom and having my beautiful family all here in my beautiful home.. I have been so blessed with these amazing gifts. I truly believe the universe gave back to me the beauty and inspiration that I put out to it every day... A lovely life, a reflection of the loveliness that comes from within...

This morning I woke up as I do everyday, next to my smiling pretty princess.. She always gives me a "good morning" kiss right on the lips, and we snuggle and cuddle a bit before we get out of bed. Today's cuddles seemed a little extra special though.. Her affinity for affection seems to be growing more and more every day... At nights when we all sit and relax after dinner, she'll go up to daddy and give him a big hug... Then over to me for another hug... Then back to daddy... Then back to me...! This has been known to go on for over 5 minutes, LOL..! 

So today, celebrating my "special day", here's to love.. The pure love and joy that comes from moments like morning cuddles.. And the true love of a mother and daughter; the most powerful bond in the universe.


And the beautiful flowers for my garden and a lovely card.. 

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